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OOC CAVIAT: The right to Fade to Black is always respected. And if things get too weird, rough IC and you aren't down. Always speak up in OOC chat. RL always comes first! Now then!

You know that feeling of dread when you don't know why you've just been summoned to human resources. This is why.

Detroit girl, grew up right in one of the poorer areas. Which happened to be right atop a give of Black Spiral Dancers. Being big and a pretty girl. Fighting happened a lot. Bitches just be jelly you know. But they all spread their legs after. When the First Change came and she finished bathing in the blood. She just got meaner but got better at hitting and hurting things. Even using the skills she learned to send others down the Labyrinth. When her turn occurred, the first sound she made after coming out in a big wide eyed haze and her ass swaying in a music-less dance was "Hoalshisnax" her Rite name as an Ahroun of the Black Spiral Dancers.

Michigan State University was fun. Partying, drugs, more dancing. She got pretty capable of that with the compulsion driving her to dance constantly. Probably not one of the worst degenerations to have. At least not from a spectator standpoint. Paying for tuition? Fightclubs loved betting against the tall ripped white girl getting in the ring with some 'roided out banger. They didn't like finding out the bet was wrong however. Not a problem, Sheridan was hungry. Graduating with a dual degree in fitness training and in human resources management. The young adult needed a job, still not stripping.

Enter Magadon Pharmaceuticals. Starting as an assistant in the human resources at the Detroit offices. Her knack for interviewing, more accurately torture, interrogation and getting what the company needed out of employees, applicants, and supplicants earned her some popularity and praise. Plus blowing off steam after hours was always a blast when you never know what sort of Formori is in the elevator with you. Just be nice of the Vorusian Banes stopped stealing her lunch. She was looking forward to that long pork and gravy sandwich.

After an amusing incident involving a frenzied sparring mishap destroying her ovaries, a day spa treatment run by some lovely Zantosa girls, some Magadon products that were being shilled. Sheridan was soon transferred to Prospect California. Tucking things back, packing her bags. Sheridan's set for sun sand, and surf. Maybe not the sand though. It's coarse, it's rough and it gets everywhere.


Black Spiral Dancer: She never stopped dancing. Being raised within a Hive community in Detroit, she's actually learned to get along with a lot of folks. Just don't let her start rolling on the jokes. Phasing is enough to get a chuckle out of her as it is. It should always be a thing. But if someone asks nicely she will beat the shit of out some poor asshole. And maybe enjoy it a bit too much.

Ahroun: Having learned the hard way, there are fights you can't win. But that don't mean you should run. Just pick your pretty little ass up and get right back in there. You'll heal. If she lets you. And scream, she loves a good soundtrack when she dances.

What a swole gal!: With a degree in Physical Training and Therapy, along with human resources management. She's qualified to train folks. But she is a mean task mistress. The real money though is in underground mixed martial arts. Lotta money making men squeak when limbs snap. How do you think she paid for college, stripping?

Human Resources: Magadon pays her a decent wage now but it just means she turns her sense of tough love on those who come into her office. Try not to think about the plastic on the floor of the interview rooms.

Party: Dance for yourself first, then the ladies second. Take crap from no one, take your lumps, thump 'em right back. Puff, puff pass. Don't fuck up the rotation. Don't talk about work or home. Sheridan respects an NDA and will enforce it. And that's a whole different kind of party.


Director Grey: My boss at Magadon. Elder at the hive. And I think my actual alpha. He's cool as shit.

Dr Ivanov: What the fuck are those pills doing?

Vesper: Holding yourself backs just gonna wreck you harder than I can. Ride it like a scooter!

Ivy: Whips and clamps and cattle prods might be redundant with her around. But still fun!


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