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Pietro3.jpg Deathsight
Everything appears rotted and decayed to you. The world appears to you as a corpse - mortals look diseased, buildings seems decrepit, and your fellow Kindred seem to be walking, moldering cadavers. You are at -2 difficulty to resist all rolls based on Appearance, but by the same token you are at +2 difficulty on all Perception-based rolls. In addition, you find social interaction difficult and are at +1 difficulty on all Social based rolls.

Pietro3.jpg Haunted, Spirit Slave(1): Pietro R. Guarneri
Pietro Giovanni is haunted by his father. A stick thin, angry, 'spectre-esc' entity. This wraith follows Pietro around all the time. This ghost is likely to get in the way despite the fact that Pietro exhibits some control over the Wraith. When 'Father' is angered glasses have been known to shatter, windows crack and all manner of uncomfortable things are done much to the usual confusion of his guests. In many ways it's a passive-aggressive hatred that is controlled by his other wraith.


Pietro3.jpg Spirit Mentor, Spirit Slave(2): Amabella Giovanni-Guarneri
Pietro is haunted by the ghost of his Mother. Mum is a pleasant, well learned spirit who can be a little over bearing at times but generally provides her son with all sorts of useful information. She has come to his defense plenty of times. In the past she has been known to cajole his other wraith into being useful- or at least less harmful. Mum is also fantastic about sending his Father off when the other spectre gets to be too much. In life she was a Family Necromancer and the Father was a potent ghoul. Their stations in life still hold bearing on their undead personae. She has always been the more powerful of his parents.