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The Details

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  • Sphere: Changeling / Wyrm
  • Apparent Age: 18 - 21
  • Occupation: Chronically Unemployed


  • Jobs: Sometimes she is working at a convenience store. Sometimes she might be a doordash driver, or a babysitter, or a night clerk at a motel. Whatever low-paying job she has tends not to last long. Wanna bump into her somewhere? This could work.
  • Pooka?: Most Changelings, and even other Pooka, would mistake her for a Pooka. She looks like one, she pranks, and is generally mayhem. She isn't exactly, though. Also, she seems to sprinkle lies in wherever she wants instead of all the time.
    • Unseelie: Hope is SO Unseelie that she has two Unseelie Legacies! It isn't something you can really -tell-, but it's fact. Are you Unseelie and wanna be co-horts? Seelie and wanna try and 'change' me?
    • Shadow Court: *Twirls fake mustache*
    • Wyrm: As if shit isn't bad enough, she's Spiral kin. Wanna be Wyrm besties?
    • Trans: Hope is transgender. She is happy and doesn't flinch away from who she is. If you give her shit about it she is liable to bite. TRANS RIGHTS OR I BITES.
    • Mayhem: She's trouble. She's not a two-dimensional villain, but she is troubled, and damaged, and toxic. She's also prone to violence, and is often sporting a fresh split lip or a black eye or something.
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