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RP Hooks
---New Info---
  • Eli seems to be running his street business less these days (but still willing for upper crust clientele).
  • He has made several ventures into the night club business: In addition to already owning The Back Door (LGBTQ club), he has opened up Chrome up in Del Mar (Industrial Club) and recently acquired Skyn in Prospect (Gentleman's/woman's Strip Club)

--Older Info---

  • Vice 4: You have an addiction? Eli is happy to help you feed it. From drugs to women (or men), to guns or other hard to get items from the less reputable side of the streets, he'll do the hunting for you; taking away the risk. For a respectable fee of course.
  • Influence 3 (Underworld): Elijah has earned himself a respectable amount of influence in the underworld market as a person that can acquire illegal items with relative ease. He's reliable and hasn't been caught so far, so he's earned a decent amount of credibility amongst the shady side of the tracks. Want to be one of the suppliers he goes to for goods?

--Fae Related--

  • The back room of his club Chrome, in Del Mar, is a Kith/Kinain only hangout.

    ----------------------------------* No white hats/undercover cops please. Keep that to NPC's.*------------------------------

    DEL MAR NOW OPEN: Looking for Unseelie oriented store owners to flush out the grid!
    EMBER SKIES: Seeking Unseelie PC's to get activity in the Unseelie County going. I've got stories, I've got ideas, looking for people interested in building the area up! https://www.cityofhopemush.net/index.php/County_of_Ember_Skies

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Race: Changeling
Kith: Autumn Sidhe
Seeming: Grump
Faction: Unseelie
House: Fiona
Unseelie Legacy: Rake
Seelie Legacy: Courtier
Occupation: Club Owner/Street Concierge
Age: 25
Notable Stats

Appearance : Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.png
Charisma : Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.png
Manipulation : Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.png

Alertness : Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.png
Streetwise : Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.pngSilverdot.png
Vice : Silverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot-filled.pngSilverdot.png

Merits :
Seeming's Blessing


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