2018.08.27 THE MASQUERADE BREACH CONTINUED - PART 2 - Haven of Peter von Lubeck

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Masquerade Breach Cont - Part 2 - Haven of Peter von Lubeck
Monday Night THE MASQUERADE BREACH CONTINUED - PART 2 - Haven of Peter von Lubeck
IC Date August 27, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Esmira Madeline Jolene Oleksiy Guivre Devin Angelica Calevaro Martha
Location Haven of Peter von Lubeck
Spheres Vampire
Theme Song The Munsters theme song [1]




The former haven of Peter von Lubeck is now in the possession of Henry Goldman. The latter is certain that he has enough time to succeed where his progeny failed. He has been careless, unfortunately for him, this is as much due to his eagerness to consume the potent blood before him as it is due to the fledgling soul absorbed into his own. He was once a calculating elder of the 7th generation but is now a frantic, power hungry animal. He easily tosses the heavy cover from the stone coffin and savors the moment. only one of his ghouls stands at the front entrance tonight as he did not want tonight's diablerie to be witnessed by the others. The ghoul watches carefully for movement, small smg hidden inside of his coat.

Oleksiy will offer "I will act as backup. Ill be overhead. but give me an all clear when you have him. anyone coming out of the building will either die or be frozen." he states simply "I will ensure that no one gets away once you are all inside. If you want to present a frozen statue to the prince, just get him to run out of the house."

Martha is quiet listening and waiting for well whoever is in charge to speak up. She has her weapons on and is ready for about anything. Also, she has on that hot leather chaffer's outfit she wears sometimes.

Oleksiy shimmers and his body takes on a ghostlike, quality as he smoothly rises into the air, becomign for all intense and purposes invisible, as you can even see through him. His own eyes are alert, and his spirit senses will allow him to know exactly when to drop the curtain on the house.

Guivre is somewhere close but secure (hiding in a van with Jolene?), the Malkavian is somewhere he can sit cross legged with his shoes off and his hands rested palm up on the back of his knees. It is a pose very similar to the lotus pose from yoga and he hums softly with his eyes closed. The humming grows louder and then suddenly STOPs. Guy's body goes limp, but he still somehow maintains the same meditative pose.

On the Astral Plane he walks over to the building and sets about looking for access while maintaining his Obfuscation. Inside can be heard a shriek of anger, "Fuck!! Let me try this again. I need it. need it!!! NEED IT!!"

Jolene doesn't have any armor, isn't a fighter, and the other guys seem to have auspex covered, but someone needs to stay with Oleksiy to make sure he is not alone either.

Martha stops there too and for some reason takes her teeth to wrist and waters the bushes with her blood, then whispers to them in Gaelic before heading on with the others after licking her wrist closed again.

As Martha leaves the bushes seem well fuller and are they moving, yeah, they are stretching to conceal Guivre some, and well, other things.

Guivre walks quickly through the astral hallways softly humming Lithium by Nirvana to himself under his breath. He takes a wrong turn but after about ten minutes to is able to secure a decent idea of the interior.

Without warning Guivre returns to his body and calls out clearly, "Sunday morning's every day." He blinks a few times, shakes his head and starts to put on his shoes as he softly adds, "I know the way."

Caerus closes his eyes and activates Obfuscate. All are invisible unless they do a violent act. Caerus says, "Ok. Let’s all walk to the front door. Devin. Martha. Take out the ghoul. I'll restart the cloak after it is dispatched." Unless someone objects, we walk to the front door.

Martha nods to Guivre, and looks to Caerus as she stays close and waits with a bit of nervous shifting to hear where in that place the man is, "Where is he in there Guivre?"

Devin nods to Caerus.

Martha says, "Take out the ghoul, ok."

Jolene admittedly was surprised by the sudden protective armor that she is wearing, given to her by Devin, still surprised by that as she perches herself near Oleksiy to keep watch out with him, she will keep her sense open though in case she may need to go in anyway.

Guivre answers Martha before they engage the Ghoul and he is speaking swiftly and softly, "He is eager to commit diablerie. He is in a Library with a glass ceiling. I did not see any enemies in our path."

Caerus says, "Grab up the body and let’s go inside." I redo the obfuscate to make Martha invisible again with the body. We open the door and move inside. place the body down. Then down the hall. Caerus takes out a bundle of sticks all tied together.

Guivre moves to the lead with Caerus once the body is set down... he sends a look at the bundle of sticks but makes no comment about it. He waves his hand, silently leading the way to the Library with relative ease.

Martha eyes widen as she watches this poor thing well...die. She expected something, but all the ghoul does is clutch his chest, eyes widen, and he drops turning some strange colors from so much of his blood becoming water. HE is dying of a loss of oxygen. Martha is just staring with the oddest look of fascination, and a little horror at what she did, as she stands there staring at the poor ghoul not sure what to think of that power on a mortal. Then she moves to grab the ghoul feeling him dying against her, with a bit of a shudder thru her tall lanky frame.

Again, Henry screams with rage, "I cannot pierce his FUCKING SKIN! The soul is getting away... getting away! I must have it! In my grasp. they will be here soon. surely." He glances around, a wild look in his eyes but returns his attention back to the corpse.

Caerus will continue down the hall into the library and launch attacks, leaving Martha behind to drool in her momentary sadness and horror. Devin continues with Caerus.

Oleksiy Continues to hover and wait, flying over the top of the roof, waiting for his senses to tell him everyone is clear, so he can start his magic. focusing in on what he is to do, to ensure that the target doesn’t get away.

Martha gets the body inside like instructed and then well cannot get it off her shoulder into a chair somewhere away from her self-quick enough. There is a look to the others and a few deep breaths as she steadies herself to go on behind the others in case they need her, and it is now she draws her warded sword. She is ready to back them up.

Jolene jumps off the ledge she is in, and heads inside quietly, she can't just sit her even though she wants too, provide backup, her friends could truly need her help inside, so she lets her senses guide her through, the path her friends have left behind her, trying her best to stay unseen if she can. The others went in, invisible but she can't do that. She does have that nifty armor protection on her though that Devin put on her and looks around for something to use as a stake if needed, at least some kind of weapon.

Caerus materializes, as does everyone else when he drops his cloak. He pulls the wrappings off the 6 splinter servants and throws them at the Nosferatu yelling, "Kill! Kill him!" The splinters that were just sticks shred and break like fingers across a chalkboard and scream their cries of death as they try to plunge into their targets heart.

You sense Oleksiy's voice comes to you "Good job. Don’t worry about me. Keep them safe. in a breathy air of his voice that whispers in your ear.

Oleksiy begins to release his magic as soon as the door closes, the temperature over the entire property starts to drop dramatically as the wind slowly starts to increase swirling around the building.. The windows and doors will likely almost immediately start frosting over ..

As the veil drops from them, Devin smiles, even as the bits of wood come to life, and draws his blade, tempered metal, with esoteric characters etched in, it is clothed in an aura of dark green flames that flicker in the air about them.

Guivre is leaned against the wall by the door watching their exit as the Tremere go all Wizard battle on the Nosferatu.

Henry managed to pierce the skin of his quarry, but it isn't enough! The small amount of life force introduced into him does nothing to satiate his hunger for power. It is then that six animated stakes fly down into the library and one of them pierces his heart before he can react! He grunts, wide eyed, "N-noooooo-!!" But soon his cry amounts to a gurgle and then silence. The torpored elder falls to the ground.

Devin sheathes the blade keeping the others safe from fire. :D

Caerus looks to everyone, "I say we bloodwalk this guy. See if anyone knows about him. If he is a good guy, us group wake him up and get rewarded for saving his life. Anyone against this?"

Devin says, "Not at all an issue that I can see."

Martha looks to the others then Guivre, "Well guess it clean up and containment now?" as she cannot help looking over the body again in the chair now. Then looking to Caerus, "Define good?"

Oleksiy chuckles to himself, he is aware, and able to see whats happening through that sun window anyway. So, he releases the magic. The temperature not dropping any further, but it will take a few minutes for the temperature to rise to bare able levels again. Caerus says, "Good is within the good graces of the Camarilla."

Jolene is still slinking quietly through the house, trying to get to where here friends but when she sees the body of the ghoul, she tries to see if there is anything she can do to help him.

Guivre nods to Martha, "Let's be quick about it." He doesn't give his opinion on the blood walk but certainly isn't against it from his demeanor.

Caerus walks up and takes a little blood and blood walks him.

Caerus takes out his phone and takes a pic. He calls his Vienna contact, "Hey. Got Mister X here." Send Picture. "Someone was about to diab him. Is he a good member of the Camarilla such that we should wake him up, or should we just let him pass away?"

Caerus takes out his phone and takes a pic. He calls his Vienna contact, "Hey. Got Mister Leopold de Orleans, 6th generation, sire is Octavius, son of Marcus. He has about 20 ghouls running around. He is blood bound to Eric Haroldsen. His sire's sire is Alexander, who is the son of Absimiliard, son of Zillah, daughter of Caine

Caerus takes out his phone and takes a pic. He calls his Vienna contact, "Hey. Got Mister Leopold de Orleans, 6th generation, sire is Octavius, son of Marcus. He has about 20 ghouls running around. He is blood bound to Eric Haroldsen. His sire's sire is Alexander, who is the son of Absimiliard, son of Zillah, daughter of Caine here." Send Picture. "Someone was about to diab him. Is he a good member of the Camarilla such that we should wake him up, or should we just let him pass away?"

Oleksiy will suggest they present the torpored fellow to the prince as well, as its his place to decide what happens with him. not ours. If he is asked.

Guivre slow nods, "Sounds like it." Not that he knows much about the inner workings of the Tremere hierarchy.

Jolene is fighting her utmost to try to fight the ghoul dying she isn't ready to give up on him and loose man as she focuses on his heartbeat, and the sound of his breath with her heightened senses. If she can keep him alive she will. She knows she can't give him her blood, but she can try to keep him alive as best she can. "Come on. Fight. Don't give up."

"Octavius?" Devin comments almost in query and then chuckles "I knew an Octavi-O once. " Devin walks over to the torpid body.

Caerus says, "Gotcha. Thanks." He hangs up the phone. "Ok. We can call Vegard or just wake him up. He has done nothing wrong in this domain."

Martha watches quietly, then looks back to check the doors, "We might want to make sure all is closed for now." then to Caerus, "Sure who wants to call him?"

Caerus calls Vegard. Caerus talks in his phone.

Martha waits and looks back to Jolene and sighs. Then back to here with hmm, "Library." and heads that way to distract herself with a look see.

Caerus says, "Vegard says wake him."

Martha sighs "Can we each give a pennie so he likes us all a little?"

Caerus laughs, "Sure. All in for that?" Caerus says, "Anyone that wants the old guy to like you a little, bleed in this cup."

Guivre doesn't seem to be getting involved in Tremere clan matters but he does comment, "As the Prince commands." When Caerus makes Vegard's wishes known... the Malk is still nearby to help if needed.

Martha nods and well pulls her baggie of slick pennies out and carefully takes out one, and puts it into the cup and let's it go to liquid form in the cup. Then she puts of her baggie of about 9 strange pennies up again.

Jolene is bound and determined to do everything she can to help save the ghoul if she can't she can't, but she is trying anyway, until she has no choice but to give up, but she can't just let him die without a fight, and finally she just sinks to the floor beside him with her eyes closed. She has seen people die before to many but not this way and there is truly nothing she can do about it.

Martha says, "I Remember when that was a baggie of pot instead."

Caerus collects the blood and goes and gets Leopold to drink it. As it is in a bowl, the container will be drunk dry, but not us.

Jolene pushes herself up to help her friends as the prince commands that the man be woken and pricks her own finger with her to offer a drop despite her misgivings. It is really hard for her to ever say no to the prince.

Leopold begins to stir eventually as the blood flows into him. His hideous rasps to life and yellow eyes open to gaze upon his new. friends? His mood is favorable. for him anyway. His accent is not one which can be identified readily by anyone who wasn't around when his native tongue was spoken, but it sounds almost Dutch… ish.. "What waking hell is this? Please tell me. why am I not. wait. Where is he?" Leopold asks calmly, "Sir Goldman was it? A fortuitous meeting indeed. I ended up asleep and. battered." The elder's eyes fix upon Henry's sleeping form, "Ah. you have done it for me. Who is your Prince? I am afraid that I must deliver unto him most dire news regarding this. broken Kindred."

Guivre watches the blood collection with a weary look and when the bowl comes his way he politely holds up his hands, "Malkavian blood doesn't play well with others."

Caerus says, "We will be presenting this staked one to our Prince Vegard Sverre Torvik, a respectable Ventrue, in the Praxis of the City of Hope. Our court will be held this Friday and I am sure you are welcome to attend good sir. Can we call someone for you to come and get you?"

Martha looks back to the Elder, then the staked one on the floor, "I think I need to call Jon and have him bring a van." with a sigh as she looks over some more of the Library.

Caerus nods over to Martha, "Yes, those books will be shipped to Vienna as they once belonged to the Chantry, is my understanding."

Jolene watches quietly letting the others do the talking, she is glad to see Leopold awake but sorry for the loses felt waking him up too.

Martha looks to him, "Why Veinna, why not our chantry?"